Oct 132005

My Motorola V551 got washed about a week and a half ago. And dried. It’s dead.

After weighing my options, I purchased an unlocked black RAZR V3.

Damn, it’s sexy.

I’m partial to carrying my phone in the front pocket of my pants; so I appreciate how thin this thing is. Much more comfortable to carry around than the V551. I also get somewhat better reception; and the sound is definitely clearer.

The software is basically the same as the V551. Which means that like the V551, the V3’s phonebook sucks balls. Let’s see…

  • You can group together entries that are stored in the phone; but not the ones that are stored on the SIM card. So if you try to back things up to the SIM card, you’ll have a lot of entries to scroll through with the same name.
  • There are categories; but entries can only be in one category and you can either view all categories or one category.
  • There’s no differentiation between first and last names.

And furthermore, why do I have to get a PDA just to store physical addresses? Why can’t phones provide an addressbook?

Which gets me thinking, how hard can it be to create a decent phone/address book for a phone? Maybe I should find out.

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Oct 132005

This is the second time I’ve installed WordPress on endoframe.com. The first time I fiddled a bit with the themes and then abandoned it. I’ll probably fiddle with the themes again later. Not now.

So will I actually use this thing this time? I’ve used advogato.org intermittently in the past; but stuff that isn’t (free) software-related seems out of place there and I would like to write about other things some of the time. I’d also kind of like to have the content more under my control.

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