Dec 152005

So, it’s been more than a month since I set up WordPress and made my first few token entries.

Between work, the various obligations of the holiday season, and a raft of patches for OpenVRML, I’ve not had time for much. But there’s really a much lamer reason: I didn’t want to bother posting much more until I’d gotten Andy Wingo’s Advogato plug-in set up. Well, after much procrastination and fumbling about attaining the most rudimentary understanding of XMLRPC, I seem to have it working.

Last week I got e-mail from an old friend from high school who I’d lost touch with. Apparently he came across my comments on the NetBeans 5.0 beta. Of all the things. I probably wouldn’t even have written that if I hadn’t set up WordPress and been looking for an excuse to use it. It was really good reconnecting with him.

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