Aug 012006

Some months ago I cobbled together old parts in a new case for a box I’d intended to serve primarily as a nameserver. Last weekend I finally started to play around with getting BIND set up. And I’m pleased to say that, with some help from Tim Seifert’s page on the subject and some correspondence with its author, I have a nameserver.

I also installed a new printer recently after the network interface on my old one appeared to fail. I was pleasantly surprised to see the new printer’s Web server show up under a “Local Sites” category in Epiphany‘s bookmarks. Some investigation into this feature led to Avahi; and, so, I now have front (the nameserver box) publishing service descriptors for my wireless router and bridge. Ross Burton has an entry that covers most of how to get this set up; lathiat has an entry that covers the rest. A couple of notes from my experience:

  • Entries in /etc/avahi/hosts must be fully qualified. There’s a comment in the file to this effect; but I managed to glance past it at first.
  • Entries in /etc/avahi/hosts must actually resolve. Perhaps that seems obvious; but on account of the fact that avahi needs an IP address along with the host name in this file, I thought perhaps I could get away without it.
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