Jan 042007

So it’s 2007 already.

I have finally repaired the style sheets for this journal such that the stuff that’s supposed to be on the right column actually shows up there. Good grief; I’ve probably forgotten more about CSS than many competent professional Web designers know. I wish I were exaggerating. But the fact is that there was a time in the late nineties that I had a level of expertise with the technical details of CSS shared by a relative few on the planet. But that was back when CSS was a nascent technology. Now it’s bigger, more complicated, and commonplace. And the CSS minutia that was in my brain has been evicted by other minutia. Probably mostly C++.

The style sheets for endoframe.com were written back when I could sling CSS with the best of them. They’re somewhat elaborate. They’re all based on a suite of style sheets that are designed to normalize rendering of HTML 4.0. The problem is, I’ve forgotten a lot about how they work and what they do. But in the persistent absence of any pressing desire to sling a lot more CSS, I guess I’ll just be relearning this from time to time as stuff breaks. So let me not touch this again for a while.

But now that the appearance of this page is less embarassing, I’ll hopefully be more inclined to update it.

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