Jan 052007

Since going a season without posting here, I feel like I ought to provide some resolution to some of the things I mentioned here earlier in 2006.

Fall was pretty good for OpenVRML. The 0.16 series (which saw its first release back in August) yielded 0.16.3 by the end of the year—which seems to be a pretty usable release. Even the Mozilla plug-in seems to be basically usable, caveat a really annoying bug in the JPEG decoder. Also, I’ve started packaging OpenVRML for Fedora Extras.

Lately I’ve been spending most of my OpenVRML development time working on a stand-alone player. Like the Mozilla plug-in, it is simply a host to the openvrml-gtkplug out-of-process component. But it exercises openvrml-gtkplug in different ways—which accounts for most of my interest in writing the stand-alone player.

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