Oct 062008

Nvidia has stuck libraries that their libGL needs into a subdirectory; a subdirectory that the linker doesn’t know about. So the customary -lGL is insufficient; one needs to add


as well.

So I’ve made a lame hack to AX_CHECK_GL that should accommodate this. (Well, it’s no more—or less—lame than what I had to do for Mac OS X a little while ago.) And there’s a new release.

Oct 052008

I have neglected this space for far longer than usual. Time has been short; and most of the time I have free I’d rather spend doing stuff than writing about what’s been done/happening. But there has been no shortage of happenings.

Back on July 14, my son was born.

Dylan, day 2

Dylan, day 2

Now he’s nearly three months old. I’ll post some more recent pictures later. He’s only gotten better looking. For now, Gina’s posted some videos to Vimeo.

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