Jan 252010

Wow, it’s been more than a year since a release of this package. Not bad.

Today’s release just fixes a problem on some Windows configurations (64-bit MinGW, at least), where <windows.h> must be included in order for autoconf to detect <GL/gl.h> as usable.

In order to streamline GtkGLExt‘s configure.ac (and to provide decent support for the coming Quartz backend), I started using the macros there. So that’s a bit more exposure and exercise they’re getting.

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Oct 062008

Nvidia has stuck libraries that their libGL needs into a subdirectory; a subdirectory that the linker doesn’t know about. So the customary -lGL is insufficient; one needs to add


as well.

So I’ve made a lame hack to AX_CHECK_GL that should accommodate this. (Well, it’s no more—or less—lame than what I had to do for Mac OS X a little while ago.) And there’s a new release.

Nov 302007

After nearly a year since pushing this project to Google’s project hosting, I’ve finally made a release tarball of my Autoconf macros for OpenGL. This was motivated mostly by significant changes that were precipitated by requirements for building on Mac OS X 10.5.

10.5 is a bit of a mixed bag relative to its predecessor as far as building with OpenGL is concerned. The good: they finally fixed the longstanding bug with the GLU tesselator callback function type being interpreted incorrectly. The bad: linking with X11 now requires some extremely goofy linker flags.

One nice thing, though, is that I was finally able to get rid of the annoying ‑‑with‑apple‑opengl‑framework option.